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Building Enterprise- scale Financial Reports with Power BI


Full Agenda



  • 4 Day Intermediate/Advanced course held in central London 26th-29th September 2022

  • Covers advanced Data Preparation (Dataflows/Datamarts) connecting to a SQL Database and formatted files, Data Modelling/DAX (Including Calculation Groups and Dynamic Measures), Paginated Reports and Custom Visuals​

  • Held by Rishi Sapra (MVP) and the PPF Group of 2020/2021


Who this course is for

This comprehensive course is aimed at experienced Power BI users who want to understand how to work with complex financial (accounting) data.

This will be a hands-on tutorial-style session.  Attendees will need a laptop with the latest version of Power BI Desktop installed. 



At the end of this course you will have a greater understanding of the complexities of working with financial data in Power BI and some techniques you can apply on your own data!




Day 1:​

  • Working with scattered/complex financial data in Excel vs Power BI

  • Connecting to a complete Power BI Data Model from Excel using Cube Formulas / to a Datamart using the SQL Connector

  • How to gather requirements and design a conceptual data model using tools such as a Scoping Template, Bus Matrix and Starnets

  • A review of an Enterprise Power BI Architecture using Dataflows/Datamarts (Connecting to SQL with Incremental Refresh and files stored on Teams), Shared Datasets, and Reporting with Custom Visuals

  • Data visualization exercise with pre-built datasets

Day 2

  • Creation of Dataflows/Datamarts in the Power BI Service (PPF Tenant) 

  • Using  Power Query to build a General Ledger/Trial Balance from Transactions and building of conformed dimensions into a star schema

  • Creation of core base measures e.g. calculating Revenue, COGS, Gross Profit, Gross Margin, Net Profit, Utilization

Day 3

  • Creation of an Income Statement in Power BI using the native matrix visual (including calculation groups/dynamic measures) and custom visuals

  • Creating Visualizations in Power BI such as waterfall charts, KPI cards

  • A look at building fixed format financial statements using Paginated Reports


Day 4

  • Advanced visualization and storytelling using custom visuals and Power BI interaction features

  • A review of write-back solutions from third party vendors

  • Modelling in Power BI using what-if parameters and Excel


Prices and Dates


£1495 for all 4 days (26th-29th September)


What you will get

  • Participation in a small classroom (limited to 15 participants)

  • Lunch on each day and coffee/water in breaks throughout the day

  • A certificate of completion

  • Membership of the PPF community on Slack where you can ask questions of the Power BI/Finance experts

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