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PPF School

  • PPF school is an opportunity for a small cohort (8-10 people) to participate in a series of virtual classroom workshop sessions where we will build out complex financial reports in Power BI


  • It is expected that there will be 12 workshop sessions, each lasting 2 hours, run fortnightly over a 6-month period in 2021. Participants will be expected to make the commitment to attend and fully engage in each session (including screen sharing) and complete any exercises as required in-between.


  • Across all the sessions, we will aim for a balance of breadth and depth across Power BI covering topics such as data preparation/ingestion, data modelling, DAX and visualisation. We will look to cover “advanced” topics such as ragged hierarchies and calculation groups in addition to more mainstream features such as conditional formatting and report layout.


  • Participants will be expected to have a good working knowledge of Power BI and ideally will be working in a financial reporting/analysis role where they are utilising Power BI on a daily (or at least very regular) basis.


  • We will shape the course on finance scenarios and datasets which we will try to make as realistic as possible, though throughout the course will be looking for feedback and ideas to improve on this so please be willing to share any non-confidential examples that you can. (If you want to share any of these ahead of the course please do so by e-mailing

  • The time of the courses is yet to be decided though will likely be late afternoon/early evening UK time on a Thurs/Fri or the weekend in order to accommodate different time zones


  • Applications for 2021 is now closed (Applications were open 1st-31st March) and we will be looking to start the course in April or May.


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